Getting Involved with theMednet

news Dec 20, 2019

Participating on theMednet may seem like a straightforward process to the uninitiated: a physician uploads a question, and other physicians offer their own answers based on research and experience. Seems simple, right? In fact, getting answers to your challenging clinical questions is a thoroughly vetted, multifaceted undertaking. There is a large team of physicians editors and over 950 experts who ensure theMednet's success on a daily basis.

Are you a physician interested in getting involved with theMednet? We're always looking for people to help enrich the platform's experience and provide quality assurance to the many questions and answers theMednet receives daily! In turn, that helps physicians deliver the best care for their patients.

How can you get involved?

Deputy Editors

theMednet categorizes its questions by cancer specialty (Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, etc) and tags them accordingly. Deputy Editors for theMednet serve each of these specialties, moderating the site, screening Q&As, and overseeing a team of Associate Editors. They are the highest level of editors at theMednet, and many of them are current faculty or senior fellows.

Deputy Editors have the biggest shoes to fill, with the largest and most rewarding impact on theMednet community. Though we don't change hands often, there are occasional  opportunities to get involved as Deputy Editors.

Associate Editors

Associate editors oversee disease site-specific Q&A (ex. Breast Medical Oncology, Thoracic Radiation Oncology, etc). They screen all questions posted to theMednet, and correspond with experts all over the country to get you the best answer to your clinical questions.

Associate’s Program

The Associates Program was created to encourage fellows and community oncologists to bring up important topics being discussed at their institutions on a weekly basis. Associates facilitate discussion by sharing these questions and challenging others in the field to respond. We're always on the lookout for new associates; we can never have too many!

NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Center Tumor Board Program

theMednet's NCI-CCC tumor board program is a collaboration with NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers all over the country. It is an opportunity for academic centers to share discussions that are happening in their individual tumor boards and hear opinions from experts at other tumor boards. theMednet community benefits by being “flies on the wall” at academic centers and learning how experts at top cancer centers around the country are incorporating new data into their practices. We are currently up and running at 15 NCI-CCC tumor board programs around the country in Breast, Lung, and GI oncology, and are always looking to involve more programs. You can learn more about our tumor board program here.


theMednet relies on experts sharing their knowledge with the community in order to have the greatest impact on patients. Experts can help by being an authority in their specific field. They typically are the physicians at academic or research centers who develop clinical trials, conduct research, and see patients in a specific disease site. They can answer any tough question that comes their way! theMednet welcomes both established faculty and rising stars to join our expert panels!

We here at theMednet are always looking to expand the platform, and we want physicians like you to help us accomplish that! With every expert and editor, we move closer to providing the best care available for patients, no matter where they’re treated. If you're interested, get involved by emailing us at!

Nadine Housri

Among with Samir Housri

Dr. Nadine Housri is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of theMednet and an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at Yale.