Happy New Year!

news Jan 02, 2018

2017 was the most active year for theMednet since we started over 3 years ago!

Over the past year:

  • Our community doubled to nearly 5,000 medical and radiation oncologists across the United States. We are roughly 25% academics, 60% community oncologists, and 15% fellows and residents.
  • We were awarded a SWOG Hope Foundation Grant and the Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation Clinical Trials Innovation prize to use theMednet to raise awareness for clinical trials (more about that soon!)
  • We launched our NCI-CCC breast cancer tumor board project to share knowledge and discussions from tumor boards at top cancer centers with oncologists around the country. You can access the breast cancer tumor board Q&A here.
  • We worked with ASCO to run journal clubs for the new JCO Precision Oncology journal.

In 2018, we plan to build on these initiatives and launch new ones, to continue our mission to help each other deliver the best care to our patients.

Thank you all for being part of our growing community! An extra special thank you goes to our team of community managers, moderators, and associates (listed below) who have been a part of theMednet over the past year.

Community Managers

Lindsay Burt, MD, University of Utah, Radiation Oncology

Maitri Kalra, MBBS, Indiana University, Medical Oncology

Stephen Bagley, MD University of Pennsylvania, Medical Oncology


Jason Ye, MD, USC, GU and Head and Neck Cancers (rad onc)

Xin Gao, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess, GU oncology (med onc)

David Einstein MD, Beth Israel Deaconess, GU oncology (med onc)

Brandon Mancini, MD, MBA, University of Michigan, Palliation, Melanom/Skin (rad onc)

Shane Lloyd, MD, University of Utah, GI oncology (rad onc)

Saurin Chokshi, MD, Yale, GI oncology (med onc)

Matthew Reilley, MD, University of Virginia, GI oncology (med onc)

David Ly, MD, UH Seidman Cancer Center, Breast Cancer (rad onc)

Naamit Gerber, MD, NYU, Breast cancer (rad onc)

Alvaro Menendez, MD, Indiana University, Breast Cancer (med onc)

Tarah Ballinger, MD, Indiana University, Breast Cancer (med onc)

Randa Tao, MD, University of Utah, Hematologic malignancies (rad onc)

Spencer Bachow, MD, Florida Atlantic University, Hematologic malignancies (med onc)

Kelly McCann, MD, PhD, UCLA, Head and Neck, Gynecologic oncology (med onc)

Omar Ragab, MD, USC, Gynecologic oncology (rad onc)

Christopher T. Wilke, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota, Neuro-oncology (rad onc)

Ian Gallagher, MD,St. James Cancer Center,  Thoracic Malignancies, Sarcoma (rad onc)

Bret Adams, MD, PhD, Blue Ridge Cancer Care, Thoracic Malignancies, Sarcoma (rad onc)

Dwight Owen, MD, Ohio State, Thoracic Malignancies (med onc)

John Lucas, MD, St. Jude’s, Pediatric cancers (rad onc)

Mark Zaki, MD, Covenant Radiation Center, Neuro-oncology (rad onc)

Fellows, Residents, and Community Associates

Sameer Desai, MD, Center for Hematology and Oncology

Judah Friedman, MD, UH Geauga Medical Center

Amy Cummings, MD, UCLA

Trevor Bledsoe, MD, Yale

Timothy Waxweiler, MD, University of Colorado

Ankit Modh, MD, Henry Ford Health System

Mohamad Fakhreddine, MD, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Tyler Robin, MD, PhD, University of Colorado

Christie Hancock, MD, Lutheran General Hospital

Joseph Maly, MD, Norton Cancer Institute

Wendy Gao, MD, Tacoma/Valley Radiation Oncology Centers

Nate Sheets, MD, UNC Rex Radiation Oncology

Shana Coplowitz, MD, St. Anthony's Medical Center

Lauren Tait, MD, Coastal Radiation Oncology

Jamie McClain, MD, East Carolina University

Brian Mulherin, MD, Hematology/Oncology Of Indiana

Graham Watson, MD, Virginia Oncology Associates

Christine Parseghian, MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dean Park, MD, Walter Reed Medical Center

Tala Achkar, MD, MS, University of Pittsburgh

Nadine Housri

Dr. Nadine Housri is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of theMednet and an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at Yale.