Introducing theMednet Career Center!

news Nov 25, 2019

We’re rolling out theMednet Career Center to help fellows and residents navigate our vast network of oncology practices.

At theMednet, we bridge the gap between fellows and residents in search of a meaningful career, and the institutions that look to fulfill those searches. With our easy to use online tool, you can get into direct contact with medical directors and hiring contacts within your desired geographical area. Simply upload your resume, define your career preferences, and start searching!

theMednet functions as a premier and professional network of oncologists in the United States, which means you’re tapping into a wide array of expertise and contacts in the field. Whether you have academic or community career aspirations, theMednet can help jumpstart your search for the ideal career path.

Send emails directly to hiring contacts right from the dashboard. Narrow your search by institution type, geography, and practice! The job search is an exciting, yet daunting time. And often fellows and residents don’t know where to turn for advice and direction in the early parts of their careers. Do it right with theMednet.

Samir Housri

Samir is the co-founder of theMednet. His focus lies in technology and optimizing content experiences. He has spent the past 15 years in the private sector in digital media and innovation.