TheMednet launches in Rheumatology!

news Oct 06, 2020

In line with theMednet's mission of improving knowledge sharing among physicians, we are proud to introduce another specialty--Rheumatology. Questions and answers that were once shared among peers and colleagues in a closed room or via email are now shared amongst a community on theMednet. We began with radiation oncology, and have since expanded into medical, gynecological, and pediatric oncology. Over the years there have been 4,000+ questions asked and the community now includes over 11,000 oncologists in the US. Currently, there are over 900 experts on theMednet who have contributed their knowledge, opinions, and research.

Rheumatology is unique in that the new treatments are rapidly outpacing guidelines. The development of biologics have greatly advanced the care of patients with autoimmune disease. Currently, there are new drug approvals every few months. With all of these changes, rheumatologists have more questions than ever. theMednet is filling that gap with a Rheumatology specific community. The Rheumatology launch has been greeted with overwhelming support, with nearly 600 members, including over 100 experts in all subspecialties from osteoporosis to vasculitis. The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges in patients with rheumatic conditions and having quick access to expert opinions has become even more useful and relevant.  We are pleased to launch the Rheumatology section of theMednet and continue to enhance the knowledge and practice of medicine.

Sarah Fantus, MD

Dr. Fantus is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She is the Deputy Editor for Rheumatology at theMednet.