What is theMednet?

stories Nov 25, 2019

theMednet is the premier platform for oncologists in the United States, which seeks to fill in the gaps of knowledge that conventional medical textbooks and guidelines can’t cover on their own. It was co-founded in 2014 by sister-brother duo Dr. Nadine Housri and Samir Housri, after their father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A doctor himself with a focus in hematology, their father took to asking colleagues about the best approach for treatment. From her previous research experience on institutional outcomes disparities, Nadine knew that for many cancers, high-volume academic centers housing experts in their field often provide better outcomes for patients. So, Nadine spent time reaching out to experts in the academic sector to answer her questions on treatment for her father.

Those calls highlighted the fact that most niche medical expertise permanently resides in the heads of intelligent physicians, and within their one-on-one lines of communication. The answers Nadine was looking for were out there: just in minute quantities and, having no centralized and direct method of mining this information, floating freely in unreachable spaces.

The genesis of theMednet had its roots in the ability of the internet to communicate, share, and transform information. Samir approached Nadine with the idea of a physician network which could ultimately provide the resources to solve problems—ones that doctors couldn’t work out themselves, even with a textbook or contemporary guidelines.

theMednet is physician-only, and every question and answer is heavily vetted for accuracy and helpfulness; each comment ideally benefits the community in a meaningful way. In other words, theMednet mantra is how is what I’m contributing helping other doctors help their patients? The straightforward premise produced promising results.

Samir says he’s proud of the discussions that are forming on theMednet: they’re clinical and scholarly, focused, and at the forefront of modern practice. Nadine adds that there’s nowhere else in the world where you can get such a high level of expert thinking on a daily basis; the sheer volume and quality of questions and answers when they first launched exceeded expectations, and continues to do so. Nadine experiences this powerful, cogent insight firsthand when she treats patients.

Samir and Nadine envision theMednet as a global source for all medical information, even beyond the realm of oncology. And with over 10,000 oncologists on board, it’s difficult not to share in the excitement. As for prospective physicians considering joining the platform? They urge the community to take a look for themselves. theMednet prioritizes open, meaningful communication to produce quality care for patients. And in the end, those patients are the ones who truly benefit from these vital discussions. Check out theMednet here!

Brendan Bense

Brendan is an Editorial Assistant at theMednet, and an author for theMednet Blog. He's a Philly native, with a passion for technology, creative writing, and travel.