Editor Spotlight: Dr. Lindsay Burt

spotlights Dec 11, 2019

Dr. Lindsay Burt is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine, Huntsman Cancer Institute, where she specializes in CNS, Gyn, Peds, Breast, Skin and Lymphoma. She is the Radiation Oncology Deputy Editor at theMednet.

What do biathlons—the Norwegian cross-country and rifle winter sport—and radiation oncology have in common? Dr. Lindsay Burt!

Though she's always held an interest in medicine, it wasn't until she met a radiation oncologist while participating in biathlon that she knew she had found her passion. "I'm a perfectionist. I like to think through and analyze topics, and make sure we're treating patients correctly by reading up on the most current research." Radiation oncology was a perfect fit from the moment Dr. Burt completed a rotation: to her, it was a math- and physics-oriented antithesis to the urgent, instinctual nature of emergency medicine.

Influential memories permeate Dr. Burt's career, and almost all of them tell a story of mending, such as the relief of symptoms for a child suffering from glioma: "it's really touching that my patients are so grateful when we can improve their quality of life." The gratitude and warmth so compels Dr. Burt that she initially struggled to maintain effective emotional boundaries with the patients she treated, and the families vying for her support. "I feel like I was an emotional wreck until I finally accepted the fact we only help [our patients] as much as we are able to." And in the world of cancer care, that help can vary widely.

Now Dr. Burt takes her emotional health into her own hands, not only by way of daily reflection of gratitude on patient outcomes, but also through exercise. She's an Iron Man competitor, and training for different kinds of races early in the morning motivates her to be the best version of herself.

Still, her favorite part of the day involves interacting with patients: "I love patient care, and I love being able to make a difference." That's why she works tirelessly as theMednet's Radiation Oncology Deputy Editor. "theMednet is making such a big impact, and I feel like I'm a part of that by relaying information from the academic side of medicine to the community."

Dr. Burt recommends that anyone considering radiation oncology have a, "caring heart; make sure you love the job and make sure you're excited about science and the future of medicine." She looks forward to all the colleagues ahead of her for inspiration, especially those who strike a calculated balance between caring for patients and raising families. Though she wishes there were a magic fix to manage such an intense workload, she wouldn't change her job for the world, and the chance biathlon encounter was the start of a beautiful and rewarding career.

Brendan Bense

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